Posted by: danarsblog | March 19, 2010

Pacitan the Hidden Paradise

Pacitan repercussions are rarely heard, but I wanted to share to show all the same friends, that there is a very great beauty in this city. Pacitan have a very varied nature, because the texture is unique geographical and diverse. Pacitan has beautiful beaches, exotic and still a virgin, it was the first time reply came, perhaps as the island is empty, deserted beaches, white sand, blue sea, Read More…

Posted by: danarsblog | March 19, 2010

Banyu Anget (hot spring water)

Banyu Anget or hot spring pool is still save various main special qualities and benefit for health and body fitness. This bath is called “Tirto Husodo” and now have been built two place of bathing, two swimming pool and lodges. It is one of Pacitan tourism objects that come from natural source. There are many tourists have visited this area. Read More…

Posted by: danarsblog | March 19, 2010

Ceprotan Ceremony

Ceprotan Ceremony is located in Sekar village, Donorojo District. This ceremony is the tradition activity of Sekar village custom, otherwise it always executed in Dulkangidah month (Javanese Month) friday or monday. This activity meant Read More…

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Tourism sector in Pacitan Regency has enough prospective opportunity to be developed into tourism industry. It will be capable in a tourism competition with the other area or even in the world. This may be reasonable, because the tourism objects have enough immeasurable and have special characteristic. Its value is also can compare with other area. Read More…